According to a recent report by Failte Ireland visitor numbers to Dublin are expected to increase by up to 6% in 2015, leading to an increased demand on an already overwhelmed hotel market in the capital. This is resulting in hotels in the city driving up room rates, for some travellers short-term accommodation is becoming a much more affordable and viable option especially for corporate and longer stay visitors.

Canbe Ltd. Offers a solution in the form of fully self-contained 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments in several locations around the city, Pearse St. Suites, Broc House Suites and The Five Lamps Suites, which provide a perfect base for longer-stay visitors who require more than just a hotel room. Broc House Suites is located a short distance from the city centre and comes with all the comforts of home including free wifi and free parking. Pearse St. Suites are centrally located and close to all city centre amenities. The Five Lamps Suites are a short walk from O’Connell St., the IFSC and just a short bus or taxi journey from Dublin airport.

With Ireland offering the lowest corporation tax in Europe it is no wonder that tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Airbnb and Twitter have chosen to base their headquarters here. This also increases the amount of corporate visitors in and out of the city with some even undertaking job rotations for a few months at a time. So what are their options? If the length of stay is longer than a few weeks a hotel room may not be a convenient or an affordable option, but, if the length of stay is more than a few months the prospect of securing a private rental for anything less than a year is extremely slim, not to mention the added hassle that comes with renting a property such as lease agreements, bills etc. For individuals who are content to house share this option is also becoming increasingly complicated, with increased competition for rooms it is no longer enough to simply want the room, more diffuse and rigorous screening processes are being used to ensure tenants are the correct fit for a house share. For travellers who fall within these perimeters there needs to be an intermediate option available to them. Canbe Ltd. Is offering such a service with properties such as Pearse St. Suites, Broc House Suites and The Five Lamps Suites, Canbe Ltd. provide fully self-contained luxury apartments at reasonable rates.

With the establishment of improved social infrastructure in the city, such as the Aviva Stadium, The 3 Arena and the Dublin Convention Centre (who are currently bidding for 84 large events that could contribute 90,000 delegates before 2020) It is clear that Dublin will continue to draw large numbers of both leisure and corporate visitors in forthcoming years and the demand for a wider variety of short-term accommodation options is only going to increase. Companies such as Canbe Ltd. offering luxury, self-contained apartments at; (Pearse St. Suites, Broc House Suites, and The Five Lamps Suites) are only going to become increasingly popular amongst both visiting leisure and corporate individuals.